recycled garden

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags anniversary author:radiumfalcon empty moa-reject rated sad three
Created 2011-06-17
Last Modified 2011-06-17
by 9 people.
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Description three years ago on this day i submitted my first map. it has been a good three years. i no longer feel attached to this community. a lot of the mappers i mapped with back in 09-10 are no longer here. sadly, my interest has dwindled. a lot of my friends on here are no longer active. and i am disappointed by the lack of new, fun things on this site. once i finish my pack, i will submit all 50 to NUMA. those will almost certainly be my last maps.

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sorry it took me so long to get back, haven't been really inspiration-ed to map lately. didn't change that much, mostly done already, could use some more challenge near the trap door switch maybe

Is there anyway we can keep in touch?
You were a cool dude. I'd forgotten how fun our little petty spats were. ;)


You remember which map you last posted a link to it on, i think we'll need to start comletely over

Seriously so pissed

That we lost this collab. And tbh, it definitely ended on u, i posted it on your map and than a week after no responce i posted on your facebook
And about collabing, I'm in the middle of 3 collabs atm that I'm putting off until Thursday... So if we're going to collab, we should do it sometime on Friday or Saturday.

Hm, well.

Can I see the map we collaborated on? It seems to have drifted from my memories.

of course, I'll do my best to go through all of them :D

yep. grab open dates in the thread

yes. i'm only free on weekends though, because i'm in the army now. can i email you?


i'm pretty sure i suck now though, i haven't mapped in like a year
The tiles and enemies are always well placed. Every map feels like an adventure. There's always this sense of progress. There's also the innovative gameplay mechanics you implement. Each map is perfect!


...miss you bro...


Demo Data

I like it!

Life uses "unexpected collaboration"

It's effective!

K lol.

You do the tiles, or me?


Sorry I'm really uninspired, as you can probably tell by my changes.

I have no idea
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very feeble attempt at an argument. i challenge you to find ONE map from 1 to 2 years ago that resembles this one. you claim i've stuck to the same style, yet once you actually delve into my archive your inaccuracy will become very clear.

let's see

tileset made up by the sloppy 8 tiles and generic 5 tiles. gameplay - go right, climb up, get the gold, go left, JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP. i don't want to be offensive, but you developed your unique style two or three years ago and you've stick to it completely. it's generic, too.

making maps is generic.


I never got back to you on that collab. I will shortly, sorry about that.


slumberland is one of my favorite maps.


Another comment. Day made.l



A comment from you makes me happy.



Hello, my friend.

Its been a few months...

Looking forward to the pack. This map is beautiful, like always.

Sure, I'm down

Although, I believe you spelled "I'll start!" wrong.