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Author ska
Tags author:ska bacon epic meal strips time unrated
Created 2011-06-20
Last Modified 2011-06-20
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Description BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips

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5 frames improved.
Fun simple map.
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yeah i like this sort of. if i could freakin perp jump i'd fave it. but the concept is sexeh. :)

what do you mean


This is almost hax lol.


I got a new laptop a few weeks ago, basically because my old one was low on HDD space, RAM and several keys didn't work making NEDing really annoying :P

so here's a new map and demo from me!
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made it ;) this where pretty clever :D
Demo Data

that last jump is though!
Demo Data