Castlevania 5: Prologue

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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2011-06-22
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Description Prologue:

We didn't see the danger that hid itself in the Transilvania highlands, we were too focused on ending the war, and Hitler's nightmare holocaust. We thought we had won, Auschwitz had been liberated, the Russians had reached Berlin, Mussolini was dead, and the last assault was launched.

As news spread of Hitler's death moral skyrocketed, we had done it. I remember that I was helping a some American soldiers pack uranium into lead-lined crates when I first saw them.

The skies were black, flashes of red lightning fired through the dark clouds, like the heavens were conducting a war of it's own. As we loaded the final crate in the jeep and uneasily drove off we were overtaken by... something. It had wings and was as big as two strong men. It landed in the road a good four hundered feet ahead of us and charged our vehicle.

The monster didn't even flinch as it totaled our engine, and set us flying through the air. Two of use were killed on impact with the ground, and only the driver and I survived. The American drew his pistol shakily and unloaded six shots into the monster.

I didn't stay to see if it was dead, I ran. As I ran I looked up to see the black clouds spreading blotting out the sun. Behind me I heard the soul rending screams of a man dying. Was this the final secret weapon Haw-Haw had warned the Allies about?

I kept running home toward Paris. When I needed to rest I would hide in the destroyed wreakages of tanks, downed planes, and demolished buildings. Everyday I would see people, soldiers, civilians... children, being mercilessly torn to shreds by these... demons.

When I returned to Paris the city was in flames, the grand towers of the Notre Dame had been toppled, the Eiffel Tower had been melted, The Arch of Triumph bore a crack down the middle.

I saw a squad of fellow Frenchmen with guns, when they saw me they beckoned. As I approached they handed me a riffle, and told me they had a radio and were going to holdout in the Louvre until American bombers carpeted the rest of the city. I went with them, there was nowhere left to go...

As we darted from street to street a dark vile voice sounded through the heavens. I looked up and saw a flying fortress, unlike any zeplin I had seen, the voice called down giving a name to the terror which now tore through Europe. Vlad Tepes the III, Prince of Walachia, and The Instrument of Satan.

CastleVania 5 is coming, hopefully soon. I will not give you an estimate of how long this series will be, because it will be as long as I need to fully develop the end of this epic.

As for the characters I will include several from the past CastleVania series (like Charlotte). The character you play as will also be from the CV series' past (anyone wanna venture a guess?).

The search tag will be CV5. I'm not sure when I will be posting the first level, but any comment about particular gameplay parts you liked from previous my Castlevania series would be GREATLY appreciated.

Until then, why not give try for the first completion demo of CastleVania 4's Final Boss? [] I'm still waiting for someone to beat it.

-WordBlamCreator, The King of Epic.

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