Transition. (100th map! :D )

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Author NachoCheese
Tags adventure author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-06-26
Last Modified 2011-06-26
by 19 people.
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Description NReality Adventure!
Took FOREVER to get working.
It's pretty awesome, IMHO.
Some Portal quotes thrown in for good measure.
What are you waiting for! Play it!

Have fun everyone! :D

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Your creativity amazes me. Well done.


This is so fun and funny. 5/5

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Hey man

I'm planing to had some nice dialogues between N and a mysterious voice in some of my old levels.
Making text drones is quite simple but I can't figure how to use them with triggers (on and off). It would be really nice if you fantastic Nreality master could explain me how to ;)
And is it possible to make them appear/disappear just with time? I mean the text drone appear at x frames/seconds and disappear after y frames/seconds or something like that.
Thanks :)


LOL battle bears?

Very cool

Really enjoyed reading that stuff. The map itself presented a nice challenge too.

beat mahi

I keep thinking that its possible to squeeze past the last drone at the bottom right after clearing the middle one, but haven't been able to do it yet.
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beat aero

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i beat it

its pretty heart racing
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pretty good fun, each challenge would naturally kill you the first time, but afterwards was easy and/or straightforward enough to not get frustrating. completion demo:
Demo Data
but i don't understand why you had to make the level so annoying to traverse. those 5-tile tunnels were infuriating to go through, over and over and over. :/


Really fun, lag makes some parts difficult though
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This is a good map!
I just think at something: wouldn't it be better with hidden door switches, for example with a empty image? So you can't guess when the traps and the text will come. And so you can also make a text when you're trapped when take the gold.
I'm not a fan of the one ways in the bottom of the map and all those 5-tiles. But honestly this map is really great. The concept is excellent and very well executed. And even if the gameplay and the tiles could be a bit better a 5aved this without hesitation!

That ********** thwump!!1

Nice map.


very clever, really nice
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that damn thwump, every time
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Great job



It's more like BricksLayer: a total pain in the ass. But I like it, it's very frustrating!

I will upload demo of completing, a moment :)

PS: I don't know if it is my pc or not, but it fuc\in lags.