With Pylons

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Author spudzalot
Tags author:spudzalot jumper mines playable rated
Created 2011-06-29
Last Modified 2011-06-29
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I pretty much effed this map up worrying about the aesthetics. The length of the map felt perfect but I had all of these huge empty spaces that I NEEDED to fill up. Then it didnt quite fit the theme and turned out slightly dissapointing, but I still love the jumps. :)

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Aye. "parodical".
Because I occasionally write parodies.
I mean it went through a million different phases, maybe at one point I should've just left it how it was.

I do not!

on stuff. Collab?
the pack finish in 07-4? I'll play...
referent forums.therealn: Never, NEVER worked, why? these forums really exist? works?
I've seen that you have a MapPack (Arboreal Ascendance) hosted in therealn's forums. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO ENTER IN THESE FORUMS. NEVER LOAD THE PAGE. WHAT CAN I DO?
You know what I mean?

Glad you're back!

Hey spudz, you feel like reviewing some more maps?

Thanks for all the demos and comments.

And Mahi I just lost interest in the game. I'll probably make more maps since he game is becoming fun for me again. :)
just as i leave spudz comes back D:


Not as fast as Pony, or miststalker, but here it is. Hope this makes thereisaspoon happy too.
Demo Data

I jumped the jumps and lo, they were good jumps. I felt that jumping over the mines to the right of the exit was a bit clumsy, but maybe I was doing it wrong. What made this map fun for me was that I had to think out the jumps and figure out where I was intended to jump to.
Demo Data


fastest so far. fun jumper :)
Demo Data
is in a comment on the map page. Trrn if it bothers you thaT much lol. Thanks for comment btw.


One of the funnest minejumpers I've played in a while, because its not too overwhelming. Love the path you gotta take here, fun gold challenge. Solid map, 5aved. Good to see you back.
I like that the first three digits in the map data are "OCD"




"Don start a map, then come back to it 3 months later. :P"

Ugh, story of my life. But anyway, this is great, the routing of the jumps is really cool. I know I'm always trying to manipulate tiles and mines to create unique jumps and it always seems to just fall short but this, especially that center section, very clever and fun. Tell ya what, I'll fave it, just for you.

"i would love to see Arctic pony or miststalker or aerodynamic or meta or golf kid do this one."

Um... yeah, that's not this demo lol.
Demo Data

Good run > bad run.

Demo Data

yeah cool.

nice one
Demo Data

Pretty cool!

I liked it
Demo Data

AGD i would love to see Arctic pony or miststalker or aerodynamic or meta or golf kid do this one.

like you said tiles were meh but jumps were awesome :D
Demo Data


you made a map! agd comin soon


Don start a map, then come back to it 3 months later. :P
Demo Data

AGD demo soon? :S
Demo Data