Skytop Fortress

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Author Droqen
Tags action author:droqen unrated
Created 2011-06-29
Last Modified 2011-06-29
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Map Data

Description To the skies!

The drop on the right side was stolen, unhappily, from another map of mine. Don't look for it! The drop was really the best part about it and I probably ruined it in this map, too. agh.

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Also, jeez, with a name like Droqen, would you really expect to run into another of me? ;D


I totally am exactly that Droqen :D Nice to meet you too!

... Time to re-play this map. It's been a while, numa.
but I enjoyed getting back out of the pit with the exit switch! By the way, are you Droqen "I-make-flash-games" Droqen? Either way, nice to meet you. :D