SUPERANNUATED DDA!!!!!! - The case of the supperanuated thwumps!

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Author doghouse
Tags author:doghouse dda rated
Created 2005-12-14
by 10 people.
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Description Ive decided to start my own series of ddas called SUPERANNUATED DDAS!!! These ddas show how supeeranuated enemies are on ned and the that the items are past their use by date.

Epic Story-
Ninja finds himself squashed in a group of highly supperanuated thwumps!

Build Time: 152 hours spanning over two days.

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why is it he can spell superannuated, assuming that it is a word

but cant spell anything else???

Bit Slow

And oh um... I finished it manually. 0/5
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beautiful usage of the thwumps but once again you lacked in close calls 3.5/5. also, this question is totally serious and not meant as a joke: do you have trouble counting the hours in a day?


i think he meant minuites.

awesome map tho!

152 hours

in 2 months maybe....




intentionally puts ppl to slepp!!!!!

oh yeah

did i tell you this is also a sleep remedy???

not bad

but 152... yeah sure... good use of thwumps but no real close calls in there at all, no rockets or lasers or gauss turrets which would of made it alot better. nice length however... so consider these things if you make another 2.5/5 from me


maybe, maybe not. I never slepp. (sory 'bout my spilling erors)

152 HOURS?!?!?!

Therea only 48 hours in 2 days you tryhard!
Me thinks your just trying to make u sound good!