A Room Full of Southern Baptists

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Author apakenua
Tags author:apakenua bob featured heywhattup lolwutisthisarantnoitisnot moa-reject rated wow
Created 2011-06-30
Last Modified 2016-04-03
by 6 people.
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Description Can I get an amen from the lady in the back?

This map was featured on 2012-04-21

However quirky apakenua's maps are, this one map is by far my favorite of his. Jumping around in it and dodging the constant onslaught of enemies is really fun, to say the least. And the gold is also pretty fun to get, even if the map is low on it. It's ironic that he asks how to make a featureable map, when I find this map featureable itself! — Sunset

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But mahi's review pushed your map down.
He deleted them all.
with the white shirt




yeah if he can make it then anyone can


Idk... I wrote one review last night, but then I went to sleep.
i think it could be a lot better.
it has to be pretty easy though - tons of people just did it. i've just been a judge since the start.
and certainly the not commenting issue is a part of that.


Caps-lock hurts my eyes.


this map rules.

oh i played this

you could have done a lot more with less objects or something




hey dude rate my map as well!!!

yes i listen a little bit but also heavy and gothic music...!

Ladies and Germs

We have.. an AGD!
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This is fucking tight, 5 and saved.
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Demo Data

I didn't mind it, it seemed very polished and complete.
To add my random stuff.