Runners gonna run

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset destiny race rated sort-of-collaboration
Created 2011-07-07
Last Modified 2011-07-07
by 5 people.
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Description A sort-of collaboration with _Destiny^-, where he promised to make a race map if I made a race map.

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The thwumps were awesomeamazing, but the rest was kind of so-so. Also, this was a little on the short side. Optimum length for a race is 1200 frames (though that varies somewhat with circumstances), try to get as close to that as you can.
but I'm not quite sure where else to put the exit if it's not there (or where it'll end).

can you please share your thoughts about the trapdoors with us?

agree with the others... very fun with good speed and nice closecalls, but the trapdoors didn't make sence, nor did the ending...


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but you fucked up the trapdoors and the ending. I really don't know what the plan was there even after looking in edit mode.
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Kinda top-heavy. Also drones need to be above the gold/mines.
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