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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 blackson featured imposters ntbbge rated retile
Created 2011-07-07
Last Modified 2011-07-10
by 11 people.
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Description Original [] by blackson. This is the best retile I've ever made.

Part of imposters [] +-+ Direct download for the lazy ones []

This map was featured on 2012-04-23

An interesting method of map-making is to take an object-set and completely re-tile the map.
There are a few different methods of making them - I personally like to remove all the tiles in the editor and start creating from the objects. I do not know how Life managed to pull this off, but I do know it exceeded my expectations.
From a minimal, yet polished object layout, the map is transformed into an extremely elegant map, requiring daring and precise jumps and providing the player with unparalleled gameplay.

Yes, Aidiera, one of the best Retile Maps ever! — zoasBE

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it's ok, mate. I was just messing around :D


ska is absolutely right.

I want to thank ska, my ska, to correct my grammar review and add little linguistic-picturesque touches. It was very early this morning before going to work, when I sub the review and I forgot. I'm sorry teacher. :P
thanks you so much!


..for mentioning my help <_<

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where I'm proud to get an agd at all, regardless of how fast it is. Great job.
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One of the best maps I've ever made. Good choice, zoas. c:

slow agd

i remember this map, thought i would of commented, so good, espesh considering retile
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It is.


i'm glad you altered your mistake!



because blackson

First AGD. pretty awesome jumps there :D
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i didn't know this was a retile until i saw the description oh my gosh this is beautiful <3333


Really fast.
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This is just extraordinary.
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