One Second Left

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality race-ish rated
Created 2011-07-08
Last Modified 2011-07-08
by 9 people.
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Description /NReality/

The first race against time I've seen... ever. Maybe done before. Feel free to link me.

If you dislike it: give me some recommendations.
If you like it: rate it, comment.
If you really like it, so much so you want to use it: it's copyrighted. So shame. ( Not really. Just mention me :) )

With help from a friend.

Have fun everone :D

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Good concept

Just needs a better level.

Here's the link

I did this once

But the map was a lot more open and you only started with 5 seconds. But anyways, the execution on this one was wonderful, but I disliked the full-tile only thing.
Better be a joke. It better!


the comp link is here. []

Unnecessarily long

and deprived of flare. Break out of your E spell! Or at least, do something interesting with the tiles.


shorter one would be awesome

cool map btw

I'm a fan of these epic kind of maps! Permission to use in a contest if needed? thanks.


a few mistakes, but an agd all the same :P
Demo Data

It is.

My demo is massive. :P
Probably should make a shorter version.
Demo Data

cool concept but i think its way too long