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Author TheBlackLion
Tags action author:theblacklion metanet mix unrated
Created 2011-07-09
Last Modified 2011-07-10
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Map Data

Description Hey guys I made a map with a weird tileset that I didn't really make by myself.
How I make it? It very simple.
- open the game and wait for a metanet map to appear.
- enter edit mode.
- now go to the menu but when the new metanet map is loading return to the edit mode.
- you have now a mix of the two metanet tileset and you can do the operation more time for mixing more than 2 tilesets.

I'm really lazy for making tileset and this idea I had some time ago make good + strange one. So I will certainly make more than one map with this concept.
I think I'm the first to had the idea so please credit me if you use this proceed on one of your next map.

This one mix 5 metanet tileset randomly generated. I tryed to make a nice challenge with the objects. N-joy and please RCE.

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You were not the first


you could put a door there. ok, no thwumps, i just was wondering about those, lol. about the name: how about Deep in the Black? :D

so here's the change at the top, else is perfect. the thing i don't really like - laser gets out of control and goes out and gets you fried when going to upper section (where are twhump, etc.) I think we should prevent him from doing that.. or is it intended to be so?


after a milliom of tries, I dpn't know what to add more ;=; but i'll try again later


Not at all faster than you :p
Demo Data


Demo Data
and fun! 5aved.

Now much better! Before it was a bit frustrating (impossible?), You now have many more possibilities and the ninja moves faster ... thanks!
Demo Data


Wow the end was HOT.
Demo Data


I just see a bounceblock I had put is not in the map.
Sorry, the map was stupid without this bounceblock.

when i do tilesets

i paint like crazy with E tiles or 6 tiles or something and stick in shapes and sort of doodle all over the place
what I usually doo is make a cube, and copypasta all over the place. If you see some of my maps are done like that, those that have a patter.
At the moment I created one this way, and I think out something cool. I will create more. Thank you.
As this is equally impressive. 4/5 + 1 for the technique unknown to me = 5/5
kept me from replaying this map.


I really like how it looks. It give a particular atmosphere.

i have use this idea already a year ago but it ugly