Modern Architecture

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Author Njitsu
Tags action angular author:njitsu featured rated
Created 2011-07-09
Last Modified 2011-07-09
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description I spent a day or two in Toronto and all the new crazy buildings inspired me to make a map like this.


This map was featured on 2011-07-16

This map is just pure fun for me. For the first time with a map, I didn't care how fast my demo was or if I collected all the gold in that run. I just wanted to soar through the air and enjoy all the different routes and possibilities this map can bring. Along with the lovely gold patterns and solid tiles this map comes to life. — spudzalot

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i definitely got carried away, i love making those gold patterns
But 173 gold is a little over the top. :p
But if it takes about 6 seconds to load for me, it surely still takes a couple even for people with brand-new computers.


needs a new computer :P

i'm totally digging the variety of reviewers of late :D

Hey ferox how many maps have you reviewed? >:3

I'll show you angular
/end influental comment.
cheesy story play off the map title that finishes in a resounding "map iz gud"

Review summary:

this map is liek fun. omg i can jump in it two. oh and its veery pretty.

Aw man, you had a truly fun trope with the gold, but it doesn't quite pan out. Especially the beginning -- it was too awkward to move around considering the map is all about smooth sailing and clear skies.


I had a feeling this would get featured.

Ninjutsu get a second :D

This is great.

This is the best playground I have ever been on!! :D:D
Demo Data

Sorry but there was an error in my last map you've commented (here []), a bounceblock had disappeared while posting it...
Please have a look now it's fixed.

WWill try later

now that its one guass.

Nice Tiles

they gud


i think i agree about the gausses. although i can dodge them most of the time there are those moments where two gets overwhelming.
But, gold was stylish and the tiles looked cool. My major complaint is the double guass in the beginning, make it one guass placed in a better spot and it will be much funner, because right now its just frustrating. Difficulty spikes too high.


got the switch

and immediately died :P
Demo Data


Demo Data