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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset collab collaboration destiny rated
Created 2011-07-12
Last Modified 2011-07-12
by 8 people.
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Description Collaboration with _Destiny^-. Was fun, man.

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tiles didn't do anything for me. so boring. i found the constant drone threat to be annoying rather than fun. honestly, i didn't like it.

I like being able to search by destiny collab :D

sweeeeet map


Fun map but not enough fresh flavor. Cool mix of ingredients though. also, the thwump and chaser area i felt was not perfected and was in the end rather obnoxious, just my thoughts though.
<Zapmeister999> agd on nreality. and yeah, i cheated the prisoner drone section because i'm cool like that.
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Attempt demo

A toughie. This map has some nice mechanics but going back is a tough as you have to remember to be quick to beat the 2 zap drones and faceplant the wall in doing so (pressing the key facing the wall every jump. Faved, despite how shit I am at this level :)
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featureworthy map

Part felt ripped from ALMT and 80 1 but what the heck. 5

I 5aved this, it's excellently made. I maybe just don't like the gold pattern at the top right. It looks like it came from another map.



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