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Author apakenua
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Created 2011-07-14
Last Modified 2011-07-15
by 13 people.
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Description My 4th of July map. I know, it's late. I'll probably delist this one 'cause 1211 was making some edits.
Anyhow, I saw My_stro's 'goodbye' map. It made me think. Nearly everyone who was here when I joined has left. I mean, you will see an occasional post on the fourms or see them on IRC every once and a while.. it's just not the same. Then it hit me. I, Apakenua, am one of the better mappers here now. I mean, I've improved a ton. I've been here for a while, I've gained reviewership..
I still haven't had a featured map though. :P
Oh well.
Anyhow, I'm going to hang around.
As you've probably noticed I haven't been pumping out the maps lately. I keep up with the people though. Life247 on Tumblr, Kablizzy on tumblr, Furry and Mahi on Facebook, Mahi on formspring... yeah. Anyhow, I'm going to still map. I like this tileset, so I hope I haven't ruined it. Thans everyone for an enjoyable stay in this community. =)

This map was featured on 2016-08-15

I really love to play maps that fulfil my lust for adventure. Maps that lead me on wild chases, or exploring intricate environments that I hadn't noticed before I arrived at them.

I feel like apakenua managed to achieve that in this map. Even from the thumbnail you can tell that this is well designed, yet when I play it I find myself noticing intricacies and nuances within the environment that I hadn't perceived.

4th is a map of superb design both aesthetically and mechanically, and fully worthy of the review I left in the comments 5 years ago. — _destiny^-

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It was good

but a little too clunky for me. Maybe I'm not seeing the more smooth path or maybe that's not the point of this map at all. I liked how all the enemies were used and all the routes were challenging enough and gave a good amount of excitement to the map. There's definitely a lot of play that can be done and I find that the most enjoyable aspect.

damn, yeah. Me too.

check your book of faces.

What's up?

I can't play often for last 11 months. What about you? Can you play N as much as old days?
I was going to, and then i left :(
but, dude. This map rocks my socks.

How'd I miss this?

There are no edits that need to be made.

Sure thing, mate.

I'm at my girlfriend's place (a billion miles from home), but I'll playtest it when I get the time. Hurl me a link on one of my maps, would ya?

I'm not a jew.

That guy who made the swatzika-map just assumed I was, because I was saying that some people may be offended by stuff like that.



lol never check it
so here is the bad as ass gramma questrion:
since when you are reviewer

how long are you reviewer?

Ahaha guys

You make me smile. :)
made me rofl


pretty nice :)
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and this map is as well



This map is amazing, mechanically inspiring and aesthetically gorgeous. 5aved.
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haha, what?

You don't have a feature? Fucking hell, someone should rectify that.


This map is amazing! the gameplay is expansive and I like the way you can travel around the tiles on an open, yet tight-passage map. all my 5aves are belong to you.
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AGD. :)

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RCE guys.
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I'm still here



you can make for me an stylish userbar???
you knows me, you know my favorite colors, you can make something cool like me ;)
kidding, as you want.
good one, when you make maps, always you make something great


just wow