Castlevania 5 Level 1: Reawakening

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv5 easy series unrated wbc
Created 2011-07-16
Last Modified 2011-07-16
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Description Story In Comments.

The King of Epic [] has returned, and I am determined to finish this series.

This is the final chapter in my 5 (well 6) part series, if you haven't played/read all/most of the:
Castlevania []
Castlevania II []
Castlevania 3 []
Castlevania 4 []
or the Versipellis []
serie(s) then don't bother reading the story, you won't follow who's who (unless you've played a lot of the official CV games, in which case you should know my 'history' of the series is different).

I would like to thank everyone who has the decency to RCD, thank you.

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c.5 becomes and begins something spectacular. always I liked the mechanics and the use of objects in this series, here, one more time. An unusual use of objects makes this map into something different and nice (and hard) to play. damn machinegun!
I love.


Damn you character limit! Also, if you spot a a typo, sorry can't edit comments.


I had lived a cold existance for the past several thousand years. I have seen mankind... "progress" towards it's enevitable destruction, I saw the Saxon invasion, I saw Wright brothers, I saw the rise of the Brittish Empire, I saw Lenin's revolt, but I have been unable to see through the shadows which surrounded me in Transivania.

I have watched as the shadows burned across the skies, mutilating the humans that were overtaken by them. Has my servant failed? I will never know, perhaps Tepes was not defeated. Perhaps, perhaps, this is armagedon.

All that I can see now, is the art mankind has painted, sculpted, and the Frenchmen that have fortified themselves amongst it. All I can hear now, are the unanswered screams for mercy that come from the men with rifles outside the doors.

All I can feel is the cold stone which binds me.

"God damn," I heard the blasphemous Gaul beside me mutter, "We're dead!"

Other soldiers yelled at him to take hold of his emotions, but their efforts were futile. As the shadow skitted about on the roof of the building, the Gaul became even less stable. He ran to the doors, and despite the other's attempts to control him, he cleared the baracade, and flung open the doors, his broken mind bent on a hopeless attempt to flee.

A shadow stood on before the Gaul, as if it knew this would happen, grabbing the foolism man by the head he crushed the idiot's fragile skull. The silence which persited served only to spread the terror his comrades had tried so hard to banish. They sucomb and began firing their bolt-actions like yapping dogs.

The shadow slowly advanced, ignoring me as I stood glaring on a pedestle, make every subtle attempt to spread the terror of Beelzebub.

The fire in my veins burned. Spreading like acid through the blood stream I felt it. My dormancy had finally reached an end.

Story continued:

I watched from my perch, clutching the rifle to my shoulder, trying to aim at the demon which Renfield, an Britishman in the squad, had let in. The monster slowly advanced, taking the bullets the others fired at it without noticing. I was sweating.

The Satan-spawn sucked in air and roared with a ferocity and cracked the stone walls of the Louvre. My ears rang, making it that much harder to aim.

I fired, it was a clean shot and landed in the monster's eye-socket.

I froze, it looked at me and grinned a devil's smile. ignoring the others around it, it took one slow step toward me, grinning my courage away as its eye slowly regenarated.

The loud sound a stone cracking and crumbling made me look up, hoping against hope that the roof would somehow giveway and crush the slow advance. Frantically I looked back to the monster, the roof had held strong, my eyes locked on something behind the demon.

It was a statue, with veins running across it that pulsated a magnesium orange. An explosion set the statue shattering accross the room. The statue had disintgrated but in it's place, stood a new demon.

Story continued:

My nostril took in the air, after thousand years I breathed once more. The stone had broken under the resurgance of my God-given strength. I lifted my head and howled breaking the noise of pain that had filled the night, spreading the terror among the shadows that had sown it already. I howled long and deep, when I stopped I looked at my arms. My skin was red like a the flames of the London fire, my saliva dripped like viscuous lava, my backbone burned with fury of Sol itself!

I turned, and saw the shadow for what it was, a servant of the Rebellious Servant. My maw twisted into at a vicious lupin grin, a dark throaty chuckly resonated through the building as I changed the demon. I grabbed his arm, reveling the delight of moving once more. I wrenched the demon's arm from it's socket and smashed my left hand claws first into it's guts. It was not a human that cried from mercy now,and I did not show any.

As the demon lay physically dieing on the floor and bent of and whisped in it's ear, "Demon, you have been judged by the last remaining Hound of God. The seventh guardian of the Lake of Fire!"