space is only noise

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Author Njitsu
Tags asdf author:njitsu unrated
Created 2011-07-18
Last Modified 2011-07-18
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Description simple challenge

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I really like that map! You did an awesome job with an interesting idea! I've just added a couple of things, removed some unnecessary one-ways to clean it, and another gold challenge, the top one, actually it is challenging but possible. I think the map it's prtty much done now, check and I hope you like it. In the demo data here there is a proof for the top gold.

You can submit it you, choose a cool title with something related with Dr. Horrendous, I liked really much that name bro! ;) and I want a collab map with a title of that kind. In the same paste there are the three steps. <3
Demo Data

Here you go!


I found this to be quite clever because there didn't appear to be any obvious solution to it.
Demo Data