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Author Scyther
Tags author:scyther race rated restricted scyther
Created 2011-07-19
Last Modified 2011-07-22
by 12 people.
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Description Hello Everyone,
My name is Scyther and I think I'd like to start submitting some of my N maps, hopefully some people out there like them as much as me. For my first map I wanted to do something cool, basically most of the one-way platforms are unnecessary, but I use them as I do because it's part of the aesthetic of the map, they go in the diagonal paths without exception. As such the number of possible routes you can take is "restricted" but optimal routes with minimal backtracking should present themselves to you.

*Please don't abuse the glitch to bypass one-way walls and break the level, we all know it's possible*

Feel free to comment, be gentle with me...

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Durn Cheaters

Amomentlikethis cheats the hell out of the oneways against my wishes, getting a pretty epic time. I wish one ways were coded better.

oh and btw

I never even thought about all gold routes that involved getting more gold after opening the exit door. But that route that's in some of the demos seems to be the best. IT WOULD SEEM THAT I AM DUMB, INDEED.


Welcome to NUMA, glad you aren't spamming objects, hope you enjoy your stay and whatnot!
As for the map itself, I find it rather boring, sorry :/
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Giuom's right

Meta_Ing's already cheated 2 of my maps


I have more ideas but I'll hold off on posting them for a bit, so I don't take over hot maps.


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Welcome. Also, check the demo. =/
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Good first map

that is all

Hey man

I'm going to be nice to you, but you're only allowed two maps on the first page of maps (Hot maps page)
It's just in place so that other authors have a chance of people seeing their map.
I noticed you already have three up, but one is near the bottom. I'm okay with that, personally. Just keep it in mind for future references.
and Sendy's oneway map surpasses all others: []


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Demo Data

Screw Fly

If Scyther needed to fly, he would. He's just such a BAMF that flight is beneath him, since he moves faster on the ground than most fliers do in the air.

Scyther... can't learn fly... LIKE A BAWS!

Screw Fly

If Scyther needed to fly, he would. He's just such a BAMF that flight is beneath him, since he moves faster on the ground than most fliers do in the air.

Scyther... can't learn fly... LIKE A BAWS!

Romaniac is a buzzkill but he's honest <3
Welcome to NUMA.


amazing concept, yes
needs to be refined/polished, yes
five, no
four, yes.
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Smooth ^^

Speaking of scyther... []
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haha, scyther

fuck yeah!

Chris is going to be so down with this shit.
This is worth about a 3/5 at most, I'd say.

Nice first map.

Some enemies would be nice, but still it was cool.
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be aware of Meta_Ing, he's a human cheat.
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Welcome to NUMA

good first map...potential...yadayadayada

Avatar Added

Scyther is now clarified as um... a Scyther.
There are a lot of Pokemon fans here.
The idea is cunning, and the execution is far from perfect but atleast you've got the basics down. My only complaint is the lack of enemies. This would be okay if it were a puzzle, or a jumper, or such, but frankly this is just boring. Not really much to it. But yeah, it is very good for a first map. I'll rate nicely. 3.5, up.
No you didn't cheat at all don't worry, the glitch I'm referring to is where you spam wall jumps to go up through one way walls, but it's also possible if pushed by something.


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(first try all gold demo) in case u didnt know. i think i cheated
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Well I guess...

I guess I don't understand replay data. If I copy it from userlevels mode this site gives me errors, and when I manually removed the level code from the replay code it accepts it but doesn't play right?


Here's a Demo

I do not claim to be good at this game or that this is a fast run, but here's a demo of how I play the level.
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