These Three Trees

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Author Scyther
Tags action author:scyther floorguards jumping scyther thwumps unrated
Created 2011-07-20
Last Modified 2011-07-22
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Map Data

Description I had this map name as an idea and set to work making an artistic tileset to match, but then I had to turn it into a level... I couldn't decide what type of threats should be on this map, but eventually I decided on floor guards and thwumps. There are a number of jumps that are harder than they initially appear, but nothing too difficult. I hope you all have fun playing this, I had fun making it.



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great stuff



Demo Data

Here's a Demo

Very sloppy on my part but it shows the map is completable.
Demo Data


You do now, lowered exit more.

Be aware,

you don't need to get the final switch to get to the exit.
Demo Data