Restricted 2, Restricted Harder

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Author Scyther
Tags author:scyther drones puzzle restricted scyther unrated
Created 2011-07-22
Last Modified 2011-07-22
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Description Is it true? The sequel to Restricted? Yes, I tried to take my original idea and refine it, to do more in less space, and to add enemies of course. Fortunately they are just stupid Chaser Drones, and good players can herd them away and play an easy level that-wait what, they're coming from both sides! Oh crap I'm gonna-BBZZZT!

Feedback appreciated...

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The fact that one ways can be glitched past, especially downward ones. There's no real solution besides making a ton of them very close together to make cheating them extremely hard and time consuming, but that makes the map take longer to load, and looks stupid.


interesting, the oneways are not that cheat-able.
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Here's a Demo

Man I'm awful, but if you want to laugh at me you can watch this demo.
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Really nice.