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Author Conen__TG_
Tags author:conen__tg_ conen unrated xanopticon
Created 2011-07-24
Last Modified 2011-07-24
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Description A Ded to one of my favorite electronic musicians.
The man is truly a genius.

Listen to one of my personal favorite tracks here: []

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thanks spoon

means a lot. good to know even my later work is somewhat enjoyable. I live in Germany now, so i dont even have N, but Ive decided privately that im most likely done mapping unless I get a feature or something to spark hope into my career as a mapper. But, as of now, I dont see the point in spending my time on something thats gonna be bumped off the hot maps without even revealing a thumbnail, yah know? anywaz, what I said about the feature isnt like an ultimatum for anybody whos reading it, so if anybody comments like "aw stop whining blah blahblah" then i say to you in advance, suck mah balls.


not bad, but breakcore in general is a bit 'eh' for me, I used to dig it, but it's not really an.. expansive genre? probably not the word i mean. but mm


not an overly enjoyable map, but works alright as a challenge. haven't listened yet, will in a bit.
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is boss, thank you for showing him for me.