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Author apakenua
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Created 2011-07-26
Last Modified 2013-02-15
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Description I tried it. Tell me what you think. I like it. ;)

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“When I was your age–“


We’ve all heard these speeches before, right? The speeches talk of the days of five-cent movies and dime stores. The days of when children walked to school, worked hard at home, and listened to the radio. Sometimes they may give good advice, such as: “Don’t eat drugs, young’in” and “You should spend more time outside”. One of my favorite ones was “Don’t play in there, it was around when I was a kid.” I wondered why it was bad to go inside somewhere that was obviously safe. Then it hit me. These ruins are as old as my Granddad.

Happy birthday




I'm down for a collab :)

Lol it's tomorrow.

But thanks. <3333

The thwump elevator is sweet

Couldn't complete

I know the mechanics of one way platforms and all but to pass through a half grid gap is another thing entirely. I just couldn't see any way to complete this after the lock near the guass turret :( The map itself has a slow flow but it's actually kind of cool to play still, despite having a tileset like a cookie crumble :p
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Using the whole map is so...restricting.
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Hmm. I was tempted to let it stay, but that would ruin the point! Good demo though. :)


You're no doubt going to edit this part out, but I found it a really fun route >_<
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