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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags author:tommy_wiseau playable puzzle rated
Created 2011-07-26
Last Modified 2011-07-26
by 18 people.
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Description A good ol' tile jumper. I wish they were still in style.

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Nice jumper!

Tileset is gorgeous and gameplay is solid (if difficult). I also like how you incorporated time into the challenge. My only gripe is that there are only a few jumps and they're all hard. But overall I like it and it definitely does credit to the genre.


I agree with atob about the door placement. Yet, this brings back memories of how maps used to be.
and avoid rating so you keep your high5core.

Nice challenge

Benjamin got what his avie says. lol.
This has amazing tiles, but I don't think I have the transcendence enough to complete this. I altough like the context of the map. 4
I've beaten it in pieces, but I doubt I'll get a complete run, so no demo from me.


Y U no give 5/5!


It looks bland and that door placement really irks me. It plays okay, but none of the jumps are super enjoyable imo.

Not bad.

No comment


amazing map, man.

you defined your style.

fuc\ you, man!
FAVED and 5/5


After getting the lock switch and coming back i'm stuck. I haven't transcended enough yet :p but this is an exellent jumper. I give it 4
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Yes, tiles are normally good to have in a map. :p

although usually just enough beautiful tiles.

having a good idea and the existence of tiles. a 100 percent guarantee of success. well done.
They're as stylish as you can get.

highscore run.

flag is quite right on both his points. this was a joy to play and imo aesthetically stunning.

5/5 and well deserved.
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However, my opinion of them is that although you can know exactly what to do and how to do, I simply can't. I've already beaten the map in my head, but if I want to bring the mental into the physical, I must sit in front of my computer for an hour or so before I can appreciate victory. Simply put, a higher caliber of skill is required for a good jumper.
tileset is awesome
Objects would ruin it.


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If i'm permitted

just realized it wasnt jsut a tileset hahaha


Im adding objects

Love the map btw

too bad this style is rare these days.

I used to make them often, however I rarely got a comment or a vote.


2nd try

Horrible demo. Completion. But DO NOT watch it. It's terible
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