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Author darkcrusader
Tags action author:darkcrusader beatable darkcrusader playable rockets unrated
Created 2011-07-26
Last Modified 2011-07-26
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Description I haven't even eaten Jujufruits.

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can be cleaned up

you can do better with the tiles .. also that thwump rocket gauss section looks a bit stacked in terms of enemies. I feel like stacked one-ways might only look good if its a very consistent theme, which it isn't here.


I considered that, however my goal is to interrupt flow with nearly every aspect of my maps. I figured it was fine, but I suppose I overdid it.


I feel like it was more flowy to go over the right then come back would have been better if door blocked exit switch.
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cool map.

one piece of gold, but I just couldn't AGD this one. That little gem is protected.
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