Can you resist it?

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Author Epic4ever
Tags action author:epic4ever fun nreality unrated
Created 2011-07-29
Last Modified 2011-07-29
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Please take it slowly!

Nreality mod thingy...!

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looks like I was too late.

Yeah. Everything suds said.

nothing :D

it's just random typed letters. and it's a shortened version of "fshfoclsudny" :P

so yeah.

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lol this is crazy.

pretty easy to mess up, though:
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it means that

if your map brings attention of one of numa reviewers and the reviewer decides to "feature" your map, he writes a review on your maps and adds it on the numa home page so everybody can see your map. it's a kind of showing the mapmaker's skills.