Villains & Vagabonds

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox rated tentacles vagabonds villains
Created 2011-07-30
Last Modified 2011-07-31
by 5 people.
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Great tiles.

Overall liked the gameplay, though I wasn't too fond of the hectic upper part.

What elegant tiles, accompanied by smooth play, I like your maps mate. Very enjoyable

poop []


me on steam, CandleJack :)


me on steam, CandleJack :)

Dude! I found it!

I remembered what prompted the "Fero hates us :(" map.

ahahahahaha, man. <3


I see. So, you can't spell zebra? :c
Yeah, I'm a floater.

When I read your comment, I so saw this coming:

"I only float. I broke my z key which is my jump key... now I'm just floating." xD


I saw your comment on Gioum's map explaining TWSS.
You're amazing/
For lack of better term. You really made them work for you. 4.5/5 for me.

i got the gold

if you just copy This [] data and paste it in the userlevel replay box you will see, i also posted a demo on the Map [] but this link includes the level data
But that top section is pretty sexy.


are you sure

on this map [] what gold is impossible. im pretty sure its all possible


nice map. Love the curls. 4aved
Demo Data

corner raped

Demo Data