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Created 2011-08-07
Last Modified 2011-08-07
by 12 people.
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Description As always, here are some disclaimers:
-If you don't like door-eeries, don't play this
-This is really fucking long, so be prepared
-I recommend you play this in edit mode, but I gave you about 80 pieces of gold if you're feeling adventurous and want to try it for real.

Side note: I'm going to camp for 2 weeks, so see y'all on August 21st.

Click this link for the Where's the Track? series [].

This map was featured on 2013-03-07

Prisoner of a sleazy and suffocating place, doors that open and close constantly to recurring and unknown situations. Prisoner of your fantasy, of your actions, of your sights. Prisoner of your dreams and failures, prisoner of your mind.

Roaming this amazingly long door-eerie for about four minutes is quite an experience; there are many haters of the genre here, but this work certainly deserves some recognition.
Outstanding. — zoasBE

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I think I accidentally NaNed a door so probably the demo breaks at some point.
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I didn't like it

Was really long, which is impressive but got really tiring.

emulator judging this weekend probably.

zoas, I may have had the pheidi map in mind, but i'm thinking of something from quite a bit farther back. maybe condog. maybe formica?
by my limited knowledge, Pheidi done something like that here:

and remm here:

There are also another mixes and cool conceptual things based on door-eeries from users like trala, piece_of_milk, andreas_xx, brianlyao, yungerkid, condog_111 and some others. I can give the links too if you want. But I think remm's it's the one you are looking for.


could possibly be rrrobyp...

but I have no idea. Im sure a few people have added on to the normal door eerie though.

And sorry for the spam on featured map, but flag have you started judging emulator with gloomp or someone? Just curious

"The trick would be to make a level that contained door-eerie style sections, not an entire level.

At least mix it up with some clever drone use or something..."

okay where have i seen this done really well -- was it rrrobyp? help please

oh great

I can scroll super-far right on this page...

...who left the super long titled comment? :P
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32 billion poun...

i'll stop now ^_^

dont be mad zoas

I played the whole thing and I uderstand how long it takes to make and perfect, and play


I don't think that was a completion.
Just so I know I did it.
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so i liek that too :)

i like door eeries

i think they are atomospheric and fun

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featured maps are not the place for rambling on about socio-political things thanks.

I agree though HS2 is bollocks.


back in the day we were a lot less pedantic.


door erie

I haven't heard that term in years.
Not a spaghetti dinner. 3.5v/5


Wrong demo - not doing that again. Lol


I hate door eeries, but this one had me impressed.
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Just as I would if any single mechanic was spammed to make an entire level out of it.

The trick would be to make a level that contained door-eerie style sections, not an entire level.

At least mix it up with some clever drone use or something...

Unless I missed some fantastic design by not playing till the end? If so, apologies!

Oh jeez. Featuring a door eerie, can't wait to see the comments on this one.

door eries

are rarely interesting - a lot of work for not much of a reward. i was actually expecting a cool looking piece of art once you had finished, but i got bored of this one fast.

i do appreciate the effort in making these things, but to me it's not particularly worth it. it's like the plans for HS2 from Manchester to London. a lot of money and effort just so some politicians can go to work faster, destroying the english countryside and destroying homes in the process.

leo's choice would have been a lot better, if it didn't get so much attention already.


(i'm feeling mean because i didn't have lunch today because of this MF'ing quantum worksheet. i hate that stuff.)
@ Gioum

Pretty much because once you have played one you have played them all. There is never anything more to them than just being boring endurance tests
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I didn't Featured that simply because it's not this map, and I wanted featuring exactly just this one. Please Leo, don't spam this map with with advertising that does not take place, this is the Featured map and this is the one that deserves (if you want obviously) the attention.
Also, have you even placed this one into your N and running it?
how i maik map
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You should have done this map:

it is a door eerie COMBINED wit a dda OMG I might feature it!

Cool map anyway great feature

Review proofread by Tommy, thank you man! :D


I've gotten very close to the end, but what amazes me is how long this is...
How long did it take you to make this?


:P nice eerie
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In real time mode?

Challenge accepted!

Finished with 1.175 seconds left, on somewhere between my 5th and 10th try.

I love your door eeries, especially the way that you reuse the same areas of the map multiple times. Makes it very hard to guess where the route is going to go, and on one this long its impossible to memorize what each turn is going to be as you come up to it.

5/5 all the way!
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this is probably the best door-erie i've ever played! but i wouldn't call it an actual maze, since I just followed the path and didn't have to think about where I should go next...
but 4.5/5^
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they're kinda cool
...If only that was a real award. It would so be going on my profile =P

This must have been

so fucking hard to make. Keeping track of the path and trapdoors must have taken a while.

This certainly gets the award for the longest labyrinth.
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