125-2: Sail On, Dear Pacific Sun

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action amazeus author:cucumber_boy kk pacific playable rated
Created 2011-08-11
Last Modified 2011-08-11
by 17 people.
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5/5 by 9 people to 3/5 by 13. No Worries brah...


Sniper hell.

Faster (-1)AGD

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If I try to review all of CB's maps, I'll probably get fired. :(
the trice of mines are perfect and the twist of the map is also really interesting. I also like this maze. Probably the best entry i've seen. Also, I love how this map is overloaded with gold, however it sill has a spacey field to travel, and it feels rewarding for every edge you travel.
And I absolutely love this. The trap with the top gold was so perfect.
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Oh, dear.


First completion.
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The Difficulty in this is pretty much perfect. I daresay it's one of the best you've ever made.

5 and faved.
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