Castlevania 5 Level 2: Through Fire & Flames

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action adg author:wordblamcreator cv5 medium unrated wbc
Created 2011-08-13
Last Modified 2011-08-13
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Description I smashed into the flooring as I landed behind the frantic human sniper, he fumbled with the bolt as he attempted to reload and fire at me. It was a truly pitiful sight. Wasting no time I wrenched the weapon from his hands and stared unamused into his eyes.

It was over, my life that is, the new demon had disarmed me and now looked into... into my soul. As I looked back at it, terrified, I began whimpering. I would never have a family, I would never see another soul.

"Silentium timidum, dic nomen tuum. Fac me non impetro violentum," The demon spoke. Its words were barely familiar, but not enough for me to understand. "Disputatio timidum," the demon roared.

The Gaul continued whimpering, holding its hands out in front to protect himself. He obviously did not speak Latin. "Quiet coward," I spoke Norman now, which was closer to the language he whimpered in. He looked up, a spark of hope in his eye; perhaps it had finally dawned on him I didn't plan to kill him. "Tell me your name human, I don't have to get violent."

"Eric," he blurted.

"Eric," I softened my tone but my lupine growl was still present, "get up, I will require you assistance."

The demon offered a hand; it spoke in a rough but clear manner. I was unsure if I should accept his offer or not. "I'm going to die anyway," I thought as got to my feet.

"My name is Cyrus," it growled, "tell me Eric, is there an automobile nearby?" It stumbled over the American term for a car as it spoke.

I remembered seeing an army jeep outside the museum, I nodded. "Just out the door and down the street."

"Excellent," this Eric had a quick mind, it would serve him well during this hell. "Eric, I will need you to come with me, I do not know how to operate an au... au-to-mo-bile," damn that American word.

As we left the museum, I finally got a good look at what has been the city. Buildings were toppled over and fire could be seen and felt in all directions. It had not taken long to destroy it.

My ears pricked and my back arched as a agonized scream filled the air. In the distance floated a massive yellowish-grey sphere. As I examined it I spotted corpses slowly gravitating toward it and adding to its already substantial size.

"Eric, get the vehicle and meet me at that," I pointed at the human sphere. I didn't wait for him to respond, I dashed into a building, I would need to approach unseen if I were to attack that monster, that monster named Legion.

I'm back with another level, sorry about the wait. I don't like keeping you guys waiting, if you could bug me for the next level I might be actually complete this series before next year.

Anyway, I think I might have gone a bit overboard with the object count but...

Please don't forget to rate, comment, and post a demo. THANKS :)

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From your comment on my map, I am just sick of the mean comments on other people's DDA's about how they use too many launchpads. I am releasing a DDA that uses some thwumps in just a sec.
I fixed one of the thwumps at the start and placed a one-way at the end, still a little tricky.


I think I might have forgotten to add a platform or remove some mines when I made this map.... one second...
seems quite tricky
Demo Data

Is that better?

I hesitate to do more than that.


When you land there, you die because of the mine there that breaks your fall. This is annoying because I can't bear to jump /precisely/ when I hit that one balcony.
Demo Data

I don't see it...

all I see is you jumping into a mine, do you want me to move those mines, is that it?

Fix this.

Demo Data