Teleporter Trouble.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags amazeus author:nachocheese featured nreality rated
Created 2011-08-13
Last Modified 2011-08-13
by 39 people.
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Description NReality! :D

Was going to be MASSIVE but it would have been too long, repeditive and such.

I like it. I hope you do too.

Have fun everyone!

This map was featured on 2011-09-30

Tip toe (or run!) through the grand pathways of a not-so-abandoned hotel populated by evil robotic monster slaves. Don't make any sudden movements though! You'll be killed instantly upon jumping, that is, unless you're standing under one of the teleporters the slaves use to get around. There's danger around every corner in this tightly knit map, so watch your back! I'd recommend trying to make it to the exit as fast as you can!! But if you're feeling really rebellious you might even make time to steal some of the Waterhead's gold on your way out! Expect-------- the unexpected!!? — artistolipto

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super cool

but what is nreality about this?
That's a pretty congradulatable (totally a word) feat
Worth downloading nreality...

Awesome idea.
This is that amazeus feature. :D

Thanks for all the comments guys.


Watch the language, please.


can you feature a map /twice/?
Anyway, very cool concept, extremely well executed. Somehow I already rated this, yet I don't know what I gave it. I'd say 4.5. ;)


What the Pfargtl this is hard! Lovin it!

doesn't work now someone tell me how to fix it


I had already played the map and found it was great and really maze-ish.

Oh and do you remember my question about Text drones? I was on holidays so I couldn't answer you but now I'm back and if you agree I would like to have more explanations :). Firstly I just want to know how to make appear and disappear a text drone with 2 switches.
Thanks in advance and once again congratulation for Numacon!

GJ dude.


Congrats on coming first place! I wish i could mod ><
Your victory was well deserved and it didn't seem that gimmicky
Anyway good job

Broken it is not working, the guy is stuck in one place cant get out!!!

pretty cool


But this map is good, except that it's balls-to-the-wall hard. 4/5

And I'm sure AMLT's route is cheated, namely where he hits the switch between the two doors.
Proper route: (slow)
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How do you even start this map?
Didn't someone say in the first contest that nreality is against the rules for numacon? Regardless I thought it was very well done, i didn't get bored of it and it's a very innovative concept. +1
Nexx's map should have.
but on the other hand, too gimmicky.

Good map.

But I don't think it deserved first. Congraz though.
It's nice, I guess but so terribly unoriginal and gimmicky. 3.

Faster AGD

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one of the better maps that use jump-teleportation, but they always seem to have to many slow bits, I like the occasional chance to stop and examine the next area but there were too many.

i think you made it a decent length

Sub-3000 AGD

Not bad. A few bits I didn't like (the dips with mines in mainly).
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I really don't know though.
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Demo Data


:p Too fast.
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