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Author Scyther
Tags art author:scyther curve scyther small unrated
Created 2011-08-15
Last Modified 2011-08-15
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Y'know I just can't stop playing with tiles. Unfortunately, some pretty tiles are not fun to play on, and a compromise must be reached. I think I'm gonna start making smaller maps inside pretty tiles, which will help me work on ideal object placement in a limited space. Please tell me what you think

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Just as fast AGD

Route: stolen from Romaniac, all credits to him (:
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Epic fast

from a little competition in #n-highscores
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I'm glad everyone is doing slightly different routes in their demos, there's a lot of opportunity for time saving wall jumps. I love it when a plan comes together.


Missed two pieces of gold though...
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sub 500

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3rd try - AGD

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Here's a AGD

Yep I am bad at this game, but I think authors should post demos of their maps as a courtesy.
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