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Author mystro23
Tags author:mystro23 mystro unrated
Created 2011-08-16
Last Modified 2011-08-16
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Map Data

Description I took people's advice and removed the chaingun moved the rocket and added a laser and a zap drone. This felt less frustrating and more relaxed, but that laser has some serious range!

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Death demo.

Fireat try.
ok, sorry, that typo is hilarious; "first try" is what I meant. Quite a good adventurish map. Not overwhelming and varied enough but still coherent.
Demo Data
vcrs and vaseline
tv fucked by plastic queens
cash in hand dick on screen
who says god was ever clean?

Other Version

was better, in my opinion...

tiles by lsudny.

it's ok

but hard as shit.

oh, you already subbed it. thanks.