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Author Nexx
Tags amazeus author:nexx hard maze maze-puzzle puzzle rated
Created 2011-08-16
Last Modified 2013-09-01
by 9 people.
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Description PUZZLE MAP! For AmazeUs

The object is to hit all 5 rooms, then the exit. Added a few mines for interest (since I couldn't do much else).

Thanks to Life247 for the door setup that lets you go through either way but only once.

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I love it

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been quite absent lately.
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This should of placed. Very well thought out. Reminds me of your very old map from 2005. 5aved!
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Wouldn't have minded this placing. :D

Ah nexx

I don't map or play too much anymore. However, if I have some time, I'll play this again. Fav'd!
I had a drivers lesson this morning and tomorrow morning. I wouldnt be surprised if this placed top 5 so maybe I'll just play it then :)
Looks cleaner now. Thanks, Life247!
I did watch the demo, because you did an excellent job making it comfusing. But it could be more refined and enjoyable. Right now it's a rather Rube Goldberg of a map.


Ugh, that's much simpler. Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall having seen that a long time ago, but I had totally forgotten about it. Anyway, flag and life, did you guys like it? Was it too easy?


Not too be mean, but a simple locked door with the switch on top of it, and a normal door on that works much better and has the same effect. The more you know.

This is going to get loads of theme points and hardly any gameplay points, probably. Also you made the deadline by what, 90 minutes?


been a long time since ive seen you round these parts. Great freakin'map dude, having a lot of fun with this. havnt figured it out yet though, Will probably finish tomorrow.
I'll eat my hat!

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