Are my maps bad?

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Author Epic4ever
Tags action author:epic4ever unrated
Created 2011-08-19
Last Modified 2011-08-19
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Description I wonder why am i so poorly treated.. Okay it was said to me that one of my maps could get featured but it never happened, nor when asking help from one "Glorious" N mapper...

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You can want until you're blue in the face, but it won't do you any good without good practice.

The rest is for you to hear, epic.

Anyways, I think a good way of getting good is getting advice. Which is what you're doing with this map.

I haven't played your map extensively, but in order to appreciate maps and to get a feel for it, make sure you're constantly increasing your skill. After you defeat a few columns or nine, you'll be more comfortable with the mapping scene.

Definitely keep in mind what Bionic Cryonic said: everyone starts bad.

Id suggest

you avoid putting one-ways as you did in this map

Yea, i think, my maps are bad too, but we all can be good, if we really want it.


And let me explain to the best of my abilities, point by point. Note that this is simply my opinion.

- Your rockets aren't used to their full potential. Try making them more threatening.
- Same with your thwumps
- You gold patterns are inconsistent at best. Sometimes a map won't have any gold patterns, or a pattern progression.
- In Su Ezama, you had a huge clump of gold. Avoid that.
- Your maps are boringly easy.
-The aesthetics are simple and boring, try spicing your tiles up a bit. Aphex_N, cucumber_boy, and deep_blue are good example authors.
- Your drones are ineffective or overeffective. Try making sure they're used well, but not too much.
- Try using bounceblocks to enable mobility more. The inverse of this is try not to use them to block movement.
-This map seems to have taken almost all of its tricks from the in game episodes. Try being more original.
- The general design of your maps are good

I think you could make a pretty good author, though, with practice. Keep it up, everyone starts bad.
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