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Author darkcrusader
Tags action author:darkcrusader darkcrusader unrated
Created 2011-08-22
Last Modified 2011-08-22
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Map Data

Description This map is dedicated to the fact that I make action maps.

Should I do an N Art? Of course! So I'll try and squirt one out today.

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sexy tileset,

the doors don't do it justice though. Indeed, I don't like the look of the doors, they just look messy. Perhaps, remove all of the doors and replace with gold instead? I think that would look much neater. 3/5


but, i may instead try to turn it into a simple challenge (by making a new map)
never seen it before, that was the only way it was possible to go up fast & down slow

the start of the map you just keep wall climbing with almost no problems

then when you return there to finish you have to go slow or you fall & die

The doors were the only way i could do that


have you played this map yet?
i cant quite remember exactly how that idea was created, but i remember wanting to have a speedrun start & at the end i wanted somthing that was impossible to speedrun, because the fall would kill you & the mines make it harder

Hurr durr

I apologize. xD

*A map

You only use AN when the next word following AN starts with a vowel.
Proper uses: I got an oreo! He's an iguana. Why don't you eat an apple?
Improper uses: I got an five dollar bill! He's an rocket. Why don't you eat an grape?