Electric Blue

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Author Epic4ever
Tags author:epic4ever dda rated
Created 2011-08-26
Last Modified 2011-08-26
by 5 people.
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Description I tried to put in more enemies but i failed so can the DDA experts play and figure out if i can improve the level..

Thank You!!!

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lag also

depends on what order the enemies are placed, just in case you didnt know

hey toble

i like toblerone too. :3
For a KRADDA, you just put one (if you want, two or more).

For a multi-enemy, you just put what you want, no a lot of them, but a reasonable amount. Depending on the number of enemies you have depends on the lag they go through. Enemies that are affected by lag include: chainguns, rockets, gausses and lasers. Others do not affect the time the enemies I meantioned in the last sentence.

Start with an empty map, place the ninja where ever you want and you figure out the route from there.

Not a bad DDA

Not super thrilling, seemed slow. But I'm no DDA expert, so you don't have to take my word for it.
I did a speedrun out of my own choice.


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