I Sometimes Listen to Gangster Rap

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Author DemonzLunchBreak
Tags action author:demonzlunchbreak floorguards mines playable rated
Created 2011-08-27
Last Modified 2011-08-27
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description AGD gets a DeD ;) ;) ;) ^___^

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Way harder than it looked.

yeah because

i don't ;-;

I laugh how lsundy

doesn't get the joke

Demo Data

Sub-400 Speed

Pretty fast i think.
Demo Data


Ill try sub-400 now
Demo Data


Really enjoyed this map. Beat it pretty quickly until I went for AGD. Took a bit of time to get my stratagey down.
Demo Data


gangsta rap.


tough map.
Demo Data

Map is Awesome.

And a speedrun

that I spent a bit more time on.
Demo Data

A bit faster AGD

but still very improvable.

I was dismayed when I found that the thwump didn't provide a squeeze jump up on the left hand side. That would have been pretty sweet.
Demo Data

Slow AGD

Very cool map. The gold was strategically placed in accordance to each enemy. Faved!
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