Prolonged Prologue

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Author da_guru
Tags 00 author:da_guru blurredblue earthsnake playable rated thebeginningofallthings
Created 2011-08-27
Last Modified 2011-08-29
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Official teaser and warm-up for my NEW MAPPACK BLURRED BLUE, which will be released in two days, on Monday, 29th of August. Be sure to play it!

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Beautiful map.
Demo Data

This is cool!

I haven't played your maps for a long time but I can say I'm very impatient for your mappack ;)
cool map, looking forward to the pack

Slow and steady AGD

Really enjoyed this, nice one.
Demo Data

Sub-600 Speefd

Demo Data

thats AGD -1

by the way :P

Much better demo

Looks like those 2 pieces of gold worthed it ;)
Demo Data

Sub-850 Demo

NReality ;)
I didnt get those 3 gold pieces because i still dont know if they worth it, maybe those 2 pieces are wrth it, ill try that, and speed too after playtesting the map ;)
Demo Data

I'm excited.