33-2: metsessions 3 - Carboy Love

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe metsessions rated uap
Created 2011-08-29
Last Modified 2011-08-29
by 5 people.
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Description Map 168

Episode with Multiple Metanet Levels Combination Technique (for Tileset only)
-- UAP --

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Very good.

I'm with atob. I thought the middle section was fun. Going for an AGD is tough, but fun to do.
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I agree whole heartedly with astheoceansblue. Nothing more to add.

good use of the concept by the way ;)

Sub-600 Speed

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sub800 speedrun

this seeker is a pretty whore, open the pair of switches you prefer, there he is, damn bitch, then all. Too adventouresque for me for an good agd-ing.
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(the very beginning and the left-hand side) is really good. Excellent use of space and object placement. The bottom right is just too cluttered in comparison and nowhere near as intuitive. The top is good, but doesn't feel as polished as the middle.

Elements of this are really great.

remember me a bit an opened Sendy's Futuristic Bamboo Map