06-3: Inc(red);i:ble move(me,nts);

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue episode unrated
Created 2011-08-30
Last Modified 2011-08-30
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Description continuing one-way level making. i have some more concepts to make, so maybe more maps like this to come. enjoy.

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Demo Data
Jumping up through downward facing one-ways has never been fun I know that its the most common and obvious one-way glitch so in making a one-way map you feel you have to use it but nope its just a horrible fiddly sensaton like trying to wash oil off your hands.
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first try agd.
Demo Data


really? gonna remake later then


it's definitely tits, I'm afraid.


my avatar looks like tits. but it's d and b letters, people.


previous map, anyone? (06-2)?