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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny unrated
Created 2011-08-30
Last Modified 2012-09-01
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shit map, i know. i don't know why i am making maps, i fail at this these days.

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Faster AGD

Its surprising how often normal launch-pad jumps are actually faster than launch-pad wall-jumps. This map is good nice gold layout
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AGD of this map

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it's not so bad

I'm having the "period" to ^.^
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Heres a cheated completion for this map
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I meant to say

Cool thanks

I mainly just want to know if its really hard or not I have a tendency to make all my maps way to hard []
let me help you 4t this

First try Agd
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I like it

It's pretty simple and fun


give me a bicycle.
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Quite reminds me of Sunset's style indeed.
I submitted my new pack yesterday - the link's on my last map, if you like to check it out (I guess so, because you helped playtesting).
I had just when I stopped making maps consistently.
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