33-3: metsessions 4 - Antidote and Poison

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe metsessions uap unrated
Created 2011-08-30
Last Modified 2011-08-30
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Description Map 169

Episode with Multiple Metanet Levels Combination Technique (for Tileset only)
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Just practising on this keyboards :P
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on my map, you posted a comment; does it mean you're up for a collab?

its very funy map but its very dificult
There aren't too many enemies, I just thought that at that precise point their range overlapped. Yeah, I could also have decribed it as frustrating, ok. It was only my subjective opinion.


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I know AGD-ing is more complicated and the enemies are more frustrating.
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but in this metsessions episode, I make more large and difficult maps, I think that is not overloaded. Really not too many enemies, each enemy is well placed and did his job. Simply a map with more enemies/objects compared to my usual style. I think this is not noob.

Situation at the door switches: laser (which cuts your only way of escape) + gauss from below + seeker drone on your heels + rocket from above = overdone. You need to remember: less is more.