9 Divine Minus 5

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris climb hard puzzle stages unfun unrated
Created 2011-09-02
Last Modified 2011-09-02
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Description Third YoSniper dedication. Four trials. Climb 'em up. Solve 'em. Do what you gotta do, son, I knowz you gotz it in ya.

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the euler's reference.

5aved because of that.
and no this demo data is not broken its mainly me stuck on the 2nd column. I enjoyed the thwumps but not much after that sorry I've always found maps which set you back when you make a mistake far more irritating than those which just kill you not sure why.
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I wasn't being completely serious.
But I do look forward to the ridiculously hard maps that are bound to come later.

Also, faster demo.
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Maybe you're right. I can only make hard maps when I can playtest appropriately well, and I have been sipping the drank.

Be careful

Maps this easy could damage your reputation.
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