la te ra lus

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny hydrojetpax unrated
Created 2011-09-02
Last Modified 2012-09-01
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Map Data

Description I accidentially made a good one.

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I hate the right part. ;c rocket, drone, thwump, many stupdi jumps..

but the map in general is awesome. its just my lack of skills.

this is what I meant.

this map is not frustrating at all.. maybe only the right-part..

5aved for sure.
Demo Data
more luck then skill but whatever. ; D

I believe the key-thing in this map is the seeker drone..
It is just brilliant, however it is possible to grab the top gold, catch the seeker back there and that makes it pretty easy later on, probably.
Demo Data

A bit frustrating.

Even for a completion demo. 3/5


well, I've been out of inspiration for a while as well.

could be a major breakthrough thing.

read your comment?


is that collab ever happening? :P

heh well that name has at least some meaning ... ^_^

okay what is vanilla thumbnails then?

hey can i ask how do i fix the thumbnails?


..yep you did
love that drone at the exit (duno why I just do)