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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris hide impossible run thwump unrated zap
Created 2011-09-04
Last Modified 2011-09-04
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Description YoSniper ded six.

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those lasers are a /bitch/
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Way too cramped.
Provide an AGD to let me know that YOU can do this.
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wtf u cant be a noob blue ur maps are hardcore.. But when i play your maps i need to put Underclock -10


I prefer that, than your acting like I'm beyond reproach. It's obnoxious, and I've never presented myself in that way, nor have I expected that sort of treatment.


you happy?


call me a noob. Noob.


i subbed a map like this i would be called a noob.

also i can't do it...
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