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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue pseudo-race unrated
Created 2011-09-05
Last Modified 2011-09-05
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description first race. bad? super bad? you want to suicide after this? okay. just troll it away and give me some advice plz :3 enjoy, anyway. oh, and thanks to Nudel_ for encouraging me to do this

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I thank

you, zoas. I win. ♥

you win

too lazy to beat you

zoas, PWNED.

AGD. Haha. :D
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Damn. :(
sorry nudel...
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Demo Data

Yea, i said "I'LL", i will be. But i cannot. :D
and very close to sub470
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now zoasbe has

482f speedrun :P
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zoasBE has 489f... ;P


I'll be faster than zoasBE. :D
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hate the start
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sub500 speedrun

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Faster :D
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Crappy AGD
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2nd death demo. :D, i enjoy the new challenge of race.
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Death demo
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Okay for a first

I liked the middle part where yo actually had to turn right.

1)try using less loops. use different propulsion methods. Check out _destiny^-'s Flow Assist 2:
2)give the ninja a speed burst in the beginning, it'll give the map a more raceful feeling
3)i think you can handle aesthetics :)
4)Play a lot of other peoples races, they will give you inspiration and good ideas
5)make the flow smoother. some people want to go as fast as possible and not to slow down. For example, I had to slow down a little in the first downhill after the loop to avoid death
6)playtest a lot
7)experiment with different enemies

that's about it..

You sure got the basics! Just keep it up.

Also, English is not my first language.
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I´ll take suicide.
I mean, its okay for a first Race.
I give it a 3.