34-1: l_f as let's_fuck

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Author zoasBE
Tags additionalchallenge author:zoasbe collab rated uap
Created 2011-09-05
Last Modified 2011-09-05
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Map 172

l_f as laissez_faire. Collab with him.


Complete the level without removing the drones of their path.

Complete the level with the fastest AGD.

Re-tile the map. Don't touch the objects.

Interior Designer
Re-object the map. Don't touch the tiles.

The first person to complete "Paco" receives a 5 RCE's.
The person to complete "Runner" receives a dedication.
The people to complete "Architect" receives a 15 RCE's.
The people to complete "Interior Designer" receives a 15 RCE's.

-- UAP --

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i suck []


are we supposed to label them??


Shit this is difficult. :)
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Thank you zoasBE.

When will you next map be out?

make more maps please!


that comment on turtles' map is amazing.

You gon' participate, right?

Here you go:

Map subbed. []

Whoops, sorry.

You should still be in the list.
The other people don't make cool episodic maps anymore.
That's the only reason.
Problem fixed.

And thank you for continuing soon.

I bet your

All gold demo. :) []


Interior Design []

AGD included. Enjoy!

Done "Paco".

Here's the demo.
This was surprisingly challenging, but quite fun. The simple tiles and objects are cool. 4/5.
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