Aces Wild

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 ntbbge puzzle rated teleporters trance
Created 2011-09-07
Last Modified 2011-09-27
by 12 people.
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Description Here's a late birthday gift for trance. []

This is a teleporter puzzle map. I tried my best to make the teleporters work as often as they could, but sometimes they might kill you. Both remm and ska gave their approval, which is awesome. Oddly enough, this was going to be a DDA at first, but then I went crazy with teleporters. I'm actually glad I made this though. It's quite fun and challenging.

Hope you like it, and give me some feedback.

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...DAMN! this map is epic as fuck. i was looking at your featured map and decided that i didnt want to play it and saw this. Im glad i looked at it because this sir is a great map(shouldve been the featured one IMO)...


Brilliant map!

Teleporting is such a wonderful thing!

Hey, I love this...

Just so you know.

Nice demos.

miststalker, that happened to me once. I also had a chaser who I would teleport onto, so I got rid of him. Post some first-try demos, so I can see how your first attempts play out.


and my ending was shite. sub-700 i think is quite possible.
Demo Data

pretty fast agd

I have been playing this for literally forty minutes. I have found ways to fuck up my route that I didn't even think were possible. But hot damn if this isn't fun as hell. Faaaaved.
Demo Data


map :D


love this kind of map.

Demo Data


Launchpad+Zap Drone hit simultaneously. :o
Demo Data


finally.. a sub 800 speedrun ;)
Demo Data