Hypotonic Revival

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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 fun medium old playable unrated
Created 2011-09-11
Last Modified 2011-09-11
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Description About 4 years back, I deleted every single map I had on NUMA, 31 to be exact. A week ago, I was looking through my old N folders and came across many unsubmitted maps that I had made, which were actually pretty fun to play. I guess I'll be reviving those then. Till then, RCE peeps ~

So I guess that means that this is my 72nd Map! Woooo ~

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I like this.

The gold really directs the play, and it's all nicely possible. Probably the only annoying thing was the exit location and the gold below it, because they didn't really fit with the rest of the flow.
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