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Author ethel
Tags author:ethel rated sleepy
Created 2011-09-11
Last Modified 2011-09-11
by 8 people.
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Description Ethelvisioned Destiny's map [], I like the grounded atmosphere.

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Your welcome. :)

Well this is for a map pack right? If so, it could be one of those epic levels for the end of an episode or the pack. So 4000 frames is long unless you make it look like it was planned. :P Also you could cut the tedious areas to the left of the rocket. I cant get a demo just because of those little rooms. But I might just be terrible at this game. :<

Oh and it bugs the heck out of me that the top section is slightly off centered, around where the trap doors and open door switches are stacked. Dont see exactly how you can fix it but its irritating haha.

Very cool stuff. Everything is fine except I would add some gold in the section where the floorguard is at, and the very top middle section. For fun actiony rocket dodging gold collecting. :3

I honestly can't think of any changes for those two maps. The first one had one of the coolest styles for tileset that I have ever seen, with fantastic fun gameplay. Then the last one had very well placed items, I especially liked the thwump section. :)


Found this by chance. Kinda cool.
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I think its good. If you had the inside area with the exit switch sorta match the things in the air it would look really spiffy. Not much else I can say. :)

Sure, send it to me. ;O

I like the first version much more then the second. Grabbing every single switch in the last version was pretty tedious and not very fun. The first one is nice because you only have to do the switch thing once and the rest of the map is fun gold collecting. I thought the chainguns were well placed too.

The only chanages I would recommend are changing the tunnel to look like the second version, its kinda spiffy. Then maybe have the mines fit a more consistent pattern.

Fell free to ask me to playtest more. I just got caught up with stuff and forgot. It feels cool to have people turn to me for playtesting. :3

Crap I completely forgot. I'll keep this tab open so when I get back from work I'll remember. SORRY. ;___;

yeah ofc

send it my way :D

Yah thats fine haha.


I'll look into it when I have the time, I'm gonna be watching a movie now.
It isn't as eradic, and it's at just the right difficulty.

Sure lol.


Whatcha want?

Just PM me on the forums the map you want playtested and Ill set an alarm for myslef to check out tomorrow. :)


This is pretty sharp.
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Grounded atmosphere is grounded.
is somewhat boring...


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Nice one

I approve.

This has practically no gameplay, just nice to look at. Dunno if it fits sleepy, but that's not my cup of tea.

a gauss

would brilliantly spice it up.
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interesting take on the sleepy theme.
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Good scores seem to emphasize the use of controlled small jumps, ergo the "grounded" atmosphere
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All demos are broken.


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And it's to showcase my aesthetic style, as well as the surreal tone to match the sleepy theme.


is this supposed to challenge anyone/anything?? I dont get the point.
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